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* Professional, certified auto mechanic with over 25 years experience!
* Flexible appointments with weekends or evenings possible in some cases!
* Your satisfaction and continued patronage is my #1 priority!
* In house turning / resurfacing of brake drums and rotors!
* Hydraulic pressing and SMALL parts cabinet sandblasting!
*Appointment only. No walk in or drive up customers. Please call or email only.

Why choose All Pro auto repair?
I have been repairing and servicing vehicles in southern Colorado for over 25 years! I service MOST foreign and domestic cars and trucks including scheduled maintenance, brakes, computer and electrical diagnosis, steering, suspensions, clutches, accessories, cooling systems, belts, axle shafts, struts, engines and more. I only accept cash or cashiers checks. I am currently not accepting checks or credit cards.
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Pueblo, CO automotive repair, tune up, brake, driveability and diagnostic specialist!

All Pro is a by appointment only professional shop that is located on private property. Please understand that I am not a brick and mortar streetfront business.

All Pro is a private auto repair shop located in Pueblo, CO. When you bring you vehicle to me for service you can be confident it will be given the best care possible. I have the tools and training to service most import and domestic vehicles.

Unlike some shops, my aim is not to rush through as many jobs as possible each day trying to make an extra buck. My goal is the accurate diagnosis and repair of your vehicle rather than meeting some lofty sales goal.

Please do not call or drive up expecting to immediately bring your vehicle to me for service. Occasionally, and depending on what you need done, I can get to you the same day you call but that is rare and in most cases it's going to take a few days to fit you into the schedule. If I can, I will but that is not often the case.

Additionally, my shop labor rate is about half the average local flat rate for the Pueblo area.

I have regular customers from all over southern Colorado including Cañon City and Walsenburg, so regardless of where you reside, contact me and let's see if I can provide you with a superior solution.

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*Please note that I do NOT do any of the following:

*Mobile service
*Insurance work
*Paint and body work
*Engine machining
*Interior/exterior Detailing

*All service is by appointment only.

To schedule an appointment please contact us by email at contact@puebloallpro.com
or by phone at 719-406-9255.

**YES, I can turn rotors and drums, even as a walk in item and those I can usually get to the same day. I am not a part store or machine shop. Pueblo no longer has an engine or cylinder head machine shop.
If you are looking for machine work on anything other than flywheels, brake drums/rotors or rotating assemblies you will need to look in Colorado Springs.

Ray Helton's cylinder head service, Pueblo Motive and Balchucks machine are ALL no longer in business. Please do not call for prices on machine work alone, except for turning, machining or resurfacing rotors, drums and some flywheels. Pueblo crankshaft, RL Auto supply and Tucci auto repair are the only places that offer SOME limited machine work but they do NOT do blocks or cylinder heads. Colorado Springs is the closest place to find those services since Ray Helton has closed his machine shop. Sorry, but those services can no longer be sourced locally.

I service most makes including AMC, Ford, Lincoln, Mercury, Chevrolet, GMC, Pontiac, Cadillac, Dodge, Chrysler, Plymouth, Jeep, Eagle, Saturn, Honda, Subaru, Nissan, Toyota, Audi, Volvo, Volkswagen, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Mercedes, BMW, Lexus, Infinity, and more!
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**Diagnosis and troubleshooting
**General repair
**Cooling systems
**Charging and starting
**Belts and hoses
**Axle shafts and wheel bearings
**Electrical systems and wiring
**Shocks and struts
**Steering and suspensions
and much more!