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Engine replacement and service, including VW air cooled engines!

In most cases I am NOT doing full service engine rebuilds anymore, since there are no longer any full service engine or cylinder head machine shops in Pueblo.

I can of course replace your engine with a used engine, or a new short or long block rebuilt engine purchased through a parts supplier or salvage yard.

Generally the type of build necessary is pretty simply determined by the type of failure, the extent of which is difficult to determine with any certainty prior to disassembly of the engine. You may also opt to have an engine swap done. Used or salvage yard engines are often good choices, or if you prefer, a complete factory or performance shop crate engine may be the way to go depending on your budget and component availability.

In ANY case, no machine shops means either long wait times to take parts out of town or simply buying already overhauled units in most cases.

There are many shops in Pueblo with capable automotive technicians that can complete your engine service or swap out your old engine for one in serviceable condition, however, I can usually offer you the better alternative with a more complete process and a better price. At All Pro all auto repair services are guaranteed and I only use parts that carry industry standard warranties.

In addition to the standard services offered by most shops when performing an engine rebuild or swap, I also offer a few premium services such as engine bay cleaning, extensive part cleaning and component painting. Little things that add up to a better repair in the long run. If you want every single bolt cleaned and a final product that looks as good or better than new, I can provide that level of service. If you just want a quick change job, I can do that too. Regardless of the type of service, I can usually provide whatever level of repair you require or prefer.

Currently it is probably going to be less expensive to simply buy a salvage yard or part store remanufactured engine than to rebuild your own due to the added costs of shipping or transporting engine parts to and from Colorado Springs, plus the much higher cost of machine work there.

If you think you might need to rebuild or replace your engine but don't know for sure that the engine is the problem, I can test it for you and find out. Compression and oil pressure testing prices vary by application but it can be done in a relatively short time frame. In most cases you'll know by the next day if the engine is at fault.

I don't do any machine work on site except the most basic flattening of gasket surfaces like intake or exhaust manifolds, and some limited, minor cylinder head surface cleanup to remove small imperfections.

Note: There are NO remaining machine or cylinder head shops in Pueblo. Please do not ask for these services unless you are willing to pay for time and shipping expenses to tranport and return them from Colorado Springs, plus the cost of machine work.

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