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Sandblasting header
Sandblasting and parts restoration
Blast cabinet
Valve cover
Ok, we'll keep this one fairly simple. As an added service I can provide sandblasting of small to medium sized parts like valve covers ( Pictured at left with all discoloration and pitting removed.), intake manifolds, exhaust manifolds, brackets, thermostat housings, steel lines, oil pans, pulleys and just about anything else that will fit inside a standard blast cabinet.

Whether it's an additional service during a current repair or if you just have an item you would like to bring me and have blasted, I can make it look nearly or in some cases, better, than new. At the very least this is a great first step for any items that may be in need of repainting prior to a primer coat.

Or, for many aluminum parts, you may wish to simply leave the finish as is after removing the defects, dirt, grease and discoloration. I do not, unfortunately, have the equiptment or facilities to sandblast larger items that will not fit in the blast cabinet like engine blocks, transmission cases or large auto body components. Hopefully I can provide that service at some point down the road. For now though, I can certainly remove all rust, paint and grime from any item of compliant size.

In some cases it may be possible to fit automotive wheels inside the cabinet for blasting. If it will fit, we can do it. The price to blast an item largely depends on the item size and what needs to be removed from it. Obviously a piece of pipe that just needs some surface rust and a small amount of pitting removed is not going to amount to the same fee for an intake manifold with four coats of paint and a quarter inch of carbon built up.

I'll gladly provide you with a quote for any job if you will simply tell me what the item is, what needs to come off it or better yet, bring me the item to take a look at.

In all cases and as usual, if you have questions or would like an estimate, don't hesitate to contact me with the nature of the request and some details regarding your expectations. I'll do my best to meet or exceed them and will gladly offer any advise or suggestions I may have regarding solutions likely to be effective for your application or project.
Bead blasted oil pan
Exhaust manifolds