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Fluids, filters and other scheduled maintenance services

When it comes to maintenance for your car or truck, Pueblo has it's fair share of quick lube and big box store options. In some cases this might be a better option if you don't mind double checking their work to make certain fluid levels were properly filled rather than filled only to a pre-specified capacity indicated on a hydraulic pump nozzle that may or may not still be accurate. Honestly, if you can live with that, the quick lube option is probably less expensive in most cases. There are however a few very good reasons why you may want to pay a few dollars more for that fluid or filter change.

Getting the proper manufacturer specified fluid type is one reason. Using special power steering fluid, synthetic oil or gear box specific lubricant, rather than something that "will work" or is "compatible", might make the difference between having a premature component failure or not. Of course every lube shop is different and I'm sure they make efforts to avoid mistakes, but you would be surprised how many times I've seen vehicles that had their standard transmissions filled with gear oil despite that particular model being intended for use with another lubricant like ATF. More common are the vehicles that are only partially refilled after oil changes.

They main reason for bringing your vehicle to All Pro for your fluid changes and scheduled maintenance though is the fact that when I perform any maintenance service on your vehicle, I inspect it for other obvious signs of wear or failure such as leaks, torn CV shaft boots and give it a good "tire kicking". Well, I don't actually kick your tires, but I do usually check for worn steering components or wheel bearings while it's off the ground.

Aside from the garden variety maintenance items like oil changes, fuel and air filters and coolant level, I can also provide service for cabin air filters, transmission filter and fluid changes as well as performing fluid changes on differentials and gear boxes. Most any scheduled or factory specified maintenance can be handled by All Pro whether it's still under warranty or not and will not affect your coverage regardless of any misinformation to the contrary. Contact me to schedule an appointment if you are in need of maintenance services or would just like a good basic or pre-purchase inspection performed on any vehicle. I look forward to providing you with top notch professional service.

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